Special Interest Snobs

So why is it considered NOT ok to have a straight pride flag on your wall and it's OK for me to have a gay pride flag on my wall? I don't understand this. It's NOT saying it's wrong to be gay now is it? Unfortunately we have as a society tainted the idea of white people being proud of their background and straight people being proud of their orientation just because a few wing nuts decided to be a TWAT. Here is the thing, about 10% or so gay men actually dislike straight people. Some how this does NOT taint the pride idea. A lot of non white folks tend do dislike white folks (I REALLY understand why) but it's still not tainting their movement. Maybe it's time we stop validating the wing nuts and start letting people be who they where born to be with pride.

I remember a number of years ago a group marching in Regina with "traditional family pride" as their banner. OMG. They where never allowed to do this again because of the threatening nature of the protests against them and their march being disrupted. Not this group did NOT have any signs or chants against any other group. They just said they where proud to be a traditional family. Most of them where related to a church but not all of them even believed in God.

What I got out of this was not "them hate filled people need to be protested". Instead I got the idea that special interest groups must have this separation when only they can be proud of who they are. Another instance was a (now dead) friend posting the straight pride flag on his Facebook. He was jumped on for this. But wait, this was a man who stood up for the rights of ALL people not just his group. So the flaming commentary was not founded in reality.

We are to the point in society that even being proud to be a "real man" is seen as inappropriate. This is mostly by the gay community. Here is the kicker, most gay men I know are VERY into the macho end of the spectrum. So how the HELL is it different when a gay man stands up and flaunts his masculinity and a straight man doing the same thing is seen as being a dick?

Do we really need to divide ourselves into caps and pick sides here? For one I don't give a fart who or what you are unless you are harming someone else. I will stand up for my straight friends if someone gets in their face for being straight and I have HAD to do this. That is the sad part. I left a social group that advertises to this day "everyone welcome" and a straight friend was told he can't come there any more because people where uncomfortable with him. Me saying "what the actual fuck are you talking about" did not help the issue and it degenerated into someone yelling how he is "oppressed be the presence of a straight man". I could not hold back and said "is that why you can't hold a fucking job for more than 3 days"? But that was not a proud moment (play on words intended).

It's OK to want the same rights as others, but when you then piss on the rights of someone else - you lose my respect.

Peace and keep smiling.

P.S. our well known group of people who try to advance the rights and viability of their kind don't even respond to their messages unless you are literally part of their group. How is this opening a dialog? Oh and STOP saying you want comments if you DON'T.


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