Distracting Myself

I play on Instagram now and then when I have nothing better to do. Most of the time it's when I am stuck in the apartment or I am laying in bed with the need to rest (dang Fibro and CFS).

When I get bored I get silly. This ends up on me posting a bunch of funny things on Facebook or doing what you see here - making faces at the camera.

Now and then I end up taking a lot of photos of my Pusheens all over the apartment (posing them). But mostly it's just a 50 year old man making faces at the camera like a 10 year old LOL.

You just can't give in and lay there and thing "God I'm about toast" - if you do you end up wanting to jump out the window or something. Chronic illness needs to be distracted. Social media and Instagram are a couple of the things I use the most.

For the most part I spend my down time watching vlogs on YouTube. In fact I just added some new faces to the list to watch. Sadly though, YouTube does not seem to be showing me everything in my feed. I now and then get something in the recommended panel that was from today and was not in the subscriptions box. Oh well, such is life.

I literally can't imagine how crazy I would have ended up if I did not have some way to distract myself while needing to just lay for for an hour or two many times a day. Then I start thinking of the people who settled this country and how they where locked into a small home with themselves or a small family for months on end in the winter. I can't imagine it.


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