The Universe Tempting Me With Pizza

OK so I am sitting here with 0.2 lbs to go till I reach my goal of losing 70 lbs in a year. So what do I see just after posting a before and after pic (on week 48)? This ad to the left LOL. I am telling you the universe knows and messes with us fat folk LOL.

Honestly Family Pizza is not that bad. I gave them a 4 star rating after all. This is as well a great deal for a FAMILY. Unfortunately I am single...

There was a time in my life I would order this and eat on it all day until there was nothing left. Maybe, just maybe, that is why I got to be the size I am (or was).

Yup Pizza and cake and all that is NOT a bad thing now and then. It's just when you eat it all the time and a lot of it that there is a problem. For me, now I allow myself one stupid thing to eat a week. This week it was poutine. You have to live sometimes. If you try to just stick to it all the time you get off track in a short time. I did that in the past.

Anyway I have 4 weeks to go so I upped the goal from 70lbs in a year to 80lbs in a year. So lets hope I get er done... BUT... If Family was to see this and wanted to give me a free one... LOL I'm kidding...


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