We Are Both Angel And Demon By Choice

It would be easy, just let yourself become an animal. Live in the moment and do what feels good and be dammed what is the right thing to do. I have spent most of my life becoming who I am at this very moment. I have been as far from who I am as I cared to be and I came back to who I should be.

I and by that, I mean all of us am of two minds. We are angles and demons. We are who we chose to be. Here in a land where we are free to choose who is to say what is the right path? It is the self that decides the future of the soul.

I am at this moment trying to improve myself. Trying to be more healthy and a better person to others. I am trying to kill the ego who demands attention and respect when neither are deserved. I want to help people. I want to make them smile and give them a reason to become more than they are by example.

I also want to spit in the face of God and go out in a booze and drug fueled orgy of sex, pain and madness. I want to live the short and wild life just to spite my own existence.

But instead I chose to be more than that. I chose to be on a path that does more for others than myself. I spend my days trying to help in any way I can and I do help. By the grace of God I give of myself.

It is just as easy to be the better person as it is to be the bad one. It is the same in many ways. It is all choice. Who do you wish to be?


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