This Fibro Flair Is Hell But At Least I Can Laugh

Bad headache, chest hurts like it's being stabbed (literally in 3 spots), hard to breath, fingers and feet tingling, sharp throbbing pain in my left shoulder and elbow, tummy upset and vision a bit blued. This can't be good. Bet if I go to the hospital they tell me nothing is wrong though. 98% sure it's not heart related, but ya know it's freaking annoying as it's been going on all day. See if it was heart I'd be dead now I think. Any way, I might just lay on the bed for a while longer. Silly me, thinking I could do dishes and play on the computer. In general, I am either dropping dead or my Fibro flair is getting way worse. Oh well, life goes on till they find me on the floor. That reminds me, I want to drop dead while eating a meal in a cafe some place. Just so I can freak people the hell out on the way out. I got a sick sense of humor you see. Any way, I waited too long - time to hit post and lay on the floor for 3 or 14 hours...


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