Liberty? Freedom? Equality?

Well I am up in Canada so ya know what I see is filtered... But it seems to me these three words are almost forgotten. With the desire to make it legal to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people and closing the doors on Islamic people. No one is treated equal - if someone NOT white comes before the court they tend to get more time than the same crime and circumstances as a white person does. Not to mention that people with a lot of money tend to not do jail times these days in some cases when they should. I have literally herd the justification that a rich man's time is worth more so a shorter sentence is more punishment. Right...

I do have to say that in Canada it's about the same in the courts though. Just not quite as unbalanced.

Freedom is determined by what the government is willing to let you do. You are not even free to earn money without paying taxes on it. You are not free to do a lot of things as you will end up in prison over it or at least with a fine. So how is there freedom? The only free people are also hunted people as they are those who are outlaws in the true sense of the word, not the modern sense.

Hell you are not even allowed to say some things - it can be inciting a riot or a hate crime to just say something - not to mention a terrorist threat. So there is no freedom of speech other than what you are allowed to say.

Then again here in Canada we call ourselves free - but we tend to understand the clarification. Oh well - just thinking too much...


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