Medicating With Food - Sushi Load

So I have been not well this last way emotionally - been fighting Anxiety kind of a lot and that had made me kind of down - so what do I do? EAT.

I go into the store and a FAMILY sized sushi pack is on sale for $10. Well I get it and eat the entire thing. There was a couple of dragon rolls and a couple of different kinds of California roll in it. In all enough to feed 4 people and I eat it all. My tummy hated me for it and I did not feel any better after. That is the problem - it only feels good while you eat.

Fortunately this was not like I eat a pile of something very bad for me like cake (I've done that before) - but it's not good. I hoped I was out of the habit of pigging out to medicate myself. I guess old habits die hard. But next time maybe I will just try listening to a lot of music instead - like I am doing right now and it's kind of working.


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