That One Thing That Makes The Pain Tollerable

This is Pusheen the Kitten. When I am in a lot of pain like I am right now I will lay in bed and hold her. It somehow helps the pain. Gives me focus on something other than the suffering. Nothing else can do this to the extent that she does. For those who are in my place, try anything to find that something or someone who makes it better. You never know what it will be. A pet, a loved one or even a stuffed toy. It's a focus - something to draw out the love from in your heart to give you strength. That will lower the pain or at least let you ignore it a little. Anything to get you threw.

I have tried all the drugs even ones that are not covered and set me back a fortune to try. Nothing works that well. The only things that do are narcotics and being that I am naturally resistant to them I have to take more than I should. The dosage to kill the pain is just not safe in my mind. Not to mention what they do to your insides and how they make me feel.

That empty clouded feeling I get from narcotics is not worth it. I would rather just suffer threw the pain. At least there is Pusheen, my cute little kitty.


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