Nice Chicken Breasts But This Sauce Sucked Bad

So this is the last of the 3 free sauces things that came in with the box of chicken. The honey garlic and sweet chili where very good if not a little strong. Well this one was chalet sauce. Although it smelled great, it literally tasted like rubber. As in a tire. Yes sadly I know what that tastes like (long, stupid story). If it's in the next box I get, it gets tossed out. There is about enough sauce to serve 2 people BTW so if you have a family then they might not do it for ya. LOL. But the quality of the breast meat was great and they don't seem to be filled with salt water like the ones in the white box where. A bit more money but I think very much worth the price. After all I eat chicken almost every day. That and beans and veggies the rest of the time has helped me drop over 65 lbs so far. Well it was over 70, but I had a stupid moment last week and had pizza like 3 times. Sigh... In any event, just wanted to say how much it sucked. I should have wrote down the name of it, so others could stay the hell away from it. Oh well...


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