And A Bonus In The Box Of Chicken

So I go to repack that box of chicken I got the other day and this was in it. Sweet Chilli Thai Sauce. There was 2 other kinds as well to try out. One is black and with the black printing I got no idea what the shit it is, I can only guess. The other one is all crumpled up and frozen solid, so I can't read it as well. But it was a nice bonus to try out the sauces it. This is a different brand BTW so maybe it always has these in them. I don't know, but my guess is no... The breasts where bigger than the other kind, so that is a good thing. I have 21 of them put away in the freezer and 21 days left in the month. Kind of worked out. I been using them in soups that I am cooking in the slow cooker. I toss in a can of tomatoes and a can of beans and a can of tomato soup. It tastes good. I also hit it with some spice. This made it taste very nice but a little too sweet. I have 2 more servings in the fridge for later tonight and tomorrow morning.


  1. It seems like a bonus to get those and maybe you'll like them but I never quite enjoyed the flavour.

    1. This Thai one was nice. I don't know if I will like the other 2 yet. I am 100% sure if I just had it on the chicken and not tossed in the soup it would be WAY to sweet though. It was rather sweet this way even.


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