Bic Hybrid 3 Review

It dang near cut my head off. Sigh. So years ago I got a package of Bic disposables and they dang near cut my head off. So I figured if they stayed around this long they had to stop sucking. My mistake...

There is a reason this handle and 6 blades is only $6. The reason is, it sucks so bad no one will pay more. I honestly think people only buy these things because of the price, it's sure not for performance.

I have a Gillette Fusion Proglide but 4 blades are like $20 at wally world. I am told this bic crap lasts about 3 shaves only by another fellow as well. Well, after it cut me this bad I'm tossing it out so I won't know. The Proglide lasts me a month and a half on one blade. So it's less than $4 a month if you look at it.

Now I am not an average man for face hair. I have a very slow growth rate and my beard is thing as hell and only under the chin. This makes for long lasting blades for me.

So what I am going to do is toss this crap in the garbage and get me a nice new Fusion Proglide with the ball on it. Then in a month and a half when next month I will get a 4 pack of blades for it, as the 2 that come with it will last me longer than that time frame. No more cheap crap for me.


  1. Keep using them, it will toughen up your face, those Gillettes were making you go soft, ha ha!


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