Thanks To The Shaw Help Desk And Tech That Came

Well interestingly enough, looks like the nice fellow that came and replaced all the connectors and the modem was not the one to fix the speed drop out problem. I posted a blog post on Twitter and Shaw Help Desk saw it and asked me to PM them - so I did and he did something. It dropped my connection for 5 or so minutes then when it came back on it has been stable since. I got no idea what the guy did, but it seems to have fixed it. So Woot for the Shaw Help Desk people. You guys seem to rock.

Although they entire building was out (Shaw only - Sasktel was fine) for 15 min. late last night. Oh well. I should be freaking sleeping at 12:20 am anyways LOL. All I know is the entire aria I live in has been a bit off for Shaw internet after an outage a while back. Anyway - lets hope this fixed it for good.

Now if only they could get YouTube to upload faster. Sigh... At least once a week it will take 3 or 5 hours to upload a vlog that should take 15 minutes. Sigh. But that is a different story LOL. Being a content provider can be frustrating...

Oh and while I'm at it, yes Sasktel has unlimited bandwidth, but WOW you got to pay a fortune to get a good upload speed. I thoroughly recommend the Shaw wide open 150 plan to anyone who does a lot of streaming and uploading. Man I have been watching Netflix in full quality HD and downloading stuff on the PC at the same time as I am playing on the tablet with social media and it was fine with it. My friends who both game and stream at the same time love it as well.


  1. Excellent! AT&T was able to reconfigure my modem, over the wires, amazing.


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