Of God And Sex

I'm not a blag waving Bisexual by any stretch of the imagination. But I do own a pride flag and hang it on the wall of my bedroom. I am also not one to shout it or flaunt it or march for it. But I am proud to be who I am and my sexuality is part of that.

For many years now (about 10 years) I have chosen to not be with anyone in that respect. I have chosen to make myself close to God by denying my sex drive. Trust me this is no small matter for me. I do have a strong sex drive.

I know that the majority of people who read this will not understand and maybe even think I am being stupid by living like this. But it is my choice and I have found an inner peace that I had not had before this time in my life.

In the past I was very active sexually with both sexes (mostly men). I am to one side of the center of the sliding scale you see. But anyways it had become like an addiction that was casing me harm. I did not even know most of their names. Trust me even in a place like Moose Jaw, it's easy as hell to just pick someone up for sex.

I know the first thing you will think is "stupid Christian". Well here is the kicker, I'm not a Christian or a follower of any organized religion. I am a spiritualist and a universalist. I believe in God in my terms, not on the terms of a book.

That being said I believe that Jesus was real and his suffering was for the salvation of many people. I also believe that many holly people or embodiment of God under many flags and many religions have led people to the right path in life and to salvation.

So if I don't have a rule book why do I abstain? Because it's healthy for me to do so. Spiritually healthy that is. I believe with the last fiber of my being that it beings me closer to God and I feel his/her presence better this way.

This path I have chosen had led me to help many people along the way. It has in fact even saved the lives of a couple of people who just needed to talk about God on their terms and have someone to let them confess too and hold them up. With the help of God I was that person and I am grateful for those moments more than anything in my life.

I believe there are rules though to get into the right kind of afterlife. I think you need to do a lot more good than harm and you need to chose the right path in life. It's easy, just do no harm and help people. It's that simple.

I also don't care if you believe in a God you don't need too. The path can be chosen by anyone who just chooses to be good and kind. Any way, have a great day and do something to make someone smile.


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