The Joy That Is Coffee

One of the most pleasurable things in my life is a good cup of coffee. Now most places that my friends and I go out to do not have great coffee, but it's passable. The really good stuff can only be had at home. You don't actually need pods that set you back over a buck each for this or a coffee maker that is priced over $100. All you need is a good blend of coffee and a maker that gets hot enough. Now a good one (multi-cup) is about $30 or so. Yes you can get one for $10 but they WILL die soon and never make a good cup ever. They just don't heat the water enough. You can pay a pile of money for awesome blends like Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend but you can also get the exact same thing at Costco for a shit pile less money than ordering it online. Kicking Horse can be picked up at many supermarkets like Safeway. You can also get mildly less expensive blends that are great as well. ALWAYS remember nothing instant is our friend and Decaf is terrible. If you have a decaf you think is just like the real thing - you are either lying to yourself or you have literally forgotten what actual coffee tastes like. Now to my way of thinking the super-popular shops like Starbucks and Tim Horton's sell CRAP in a cup at an inflated price. In fact I think the only time you should set foot in an actual coffee shop is if you want something exotic. And I tell you there is a joy to having a well made cup of flavored coffee now and then. We have a couple of places on Main Street here that do this. One SUCKS now sigh... They used to be the best place in town for this, but at least the competition to the north of them is still excellent. When all is said and done I have the most pleasure out of sitting in my easy chair sucking slowly on a good home made cup of coffee first thing in the morning (or crack of noon). Also one thing a lot of people don't know is that it makes pain meds work faster. That is just a side note though. Anyway - have a good cup of moderately priced home brewed coffee and relax now - you earned it.


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