Before And After I Shaved

So above are the not shaved for 5 days and the nice fresh shaved Dave... I left it too long and it was a bother to get off, not to mention it left my face feeling like it was on fire. As I mentioned in another vlog I am trying out a new kind of shaver I never used before. It's a triple blade and literally 5 times less money than these 5 blade ones I been using. After the first shave with them I will do a review. They are from Bic if you are wondering. Also they are LESS money than the dollar shave club ones. Not much less, but less and you get 2 more refills than the dollar shave ones have. Only strange thing is there does NOT seem to just be refiles for these things, you have to order with the handle. But they are supposed to be a lot better than the disposable ones you get in the big bag. Anyway - they should be here Friday the 10th of Feb.


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