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Latest E-Books I picked up to read. The 3 on the bottom and the OZ are the complete collections and VERY long because of it. These will keep my busy for years to come as I don't actually read much. But they will forever be in my list so when I change devices I just sync it and poof read my books time. The yellow covered one was funny as hell. Venus in Furs was free and NOT worth the price. Posting hope is OK but I am sure most people would not be into it. I really wanted to get a book that was published in town, but it seems to have vanished off the market completely. Oh well. It's at the library if I really want to - and it's just a block away. BUT I would have to get a library card (don't have one) then read it in 6 weeks. There is the real rub as I can go 4 weeks without the desire to read LOL. Any how, these will keep me busy for years I think. I tell you when I was a teen and into my 20's I read a great deal. In fact I read ever day for at least 2 hours. I read more books in that time frame and to a less extent into my 30's than most will read in a lifetime.


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