The Pain Of Fibro - A Users Guid

Fibromyalgia is a rather cruel master. There is really not many ways to treat it and for the unlucky people like myself, it's a waste of time taking all them pills.

I have tried it all. I have spent up to $16 a pill to try them out and nothing helped. The thing that helped the most if Vitamin E. In fact it has put me in a place where I can now walk literally 20 times farther as I could before and be siting or standing much longer than before.

Tumeric is another thing that worked wonders. But I do NOT take it in pill form. Instead I cook with it. I toss a little of it in the bean mix I eat every day (I am on the bean diet). This saves a lot of money over a span of a year as the pills are way more money than just getting a big old bag of it at the store.

I got a tens machine for a discount on Amazon and I use it when I get bad muscle pain. It tends to help to an extent and about nothing else does.

The biggest help is believe it or not, keeping my mind off the pain. I watch Netflix or listen to music or color and it helps. The pain is not lessened by any stretch of the imagination, but it takes your mind off of it. The same goes in an anxiety attack - distraction is out friend.

Diet is important. Once I stopped eating a lot of processed food the flairs did not hit as hard. You can look up online what to avoid and the list is long. For me there are things that will almost instantly trigger a flair. One of them is Lime. This is strange to me because grapefruit and lemon do nothing to me. Beef is something that I personally am allergic to. This is a strange one. It gives me violent headaches when I eat it. Sadly I love a good hamburger and WILL eat one now and then - I just pay for it for the next 15 or 20 hours.

Everyone is different and you have to figure what causes a flair for you. One thing that does it to an extreme for me is beer of any kind or wine. These will set me off to a level 8 to 10 pain for days on end. But if I drink whiskey or vodka or any of the hard stuff there is no problem. Just can't be any fancy sweetened thing as that will flair me bad. Oh and sugar of any kind does it.

Anyway this will get too long if I get into everything - so I will just end it here.

P.S. I cycle fast. For me most of the time a flair will last only 8 or 10 hours. Some people it will last for a couple of years.


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