What Could Be More Canadian? AKA I Got Lucky (ish)

So this is my doctors office, in the entry way. I had to wait for a friend to get back to pick me up and he was delayed. Sometimes the universe works well and that was one day it did. See I went to the front desk and made an appointment for one week later and forgot all about the blood work.

Well I got a phone call as I was waiting and the woman said "there seems to be a requisition here for blood work you forgot to pick up". See if my friend was on time, then I would have been home and would have had to call him to come back and it would have been a bother for both of us. 

But there you have it, I got lucky. This is as lucky as the universe will let me be of course. There will be no winning the big one on the lotto for me and if I do I will promptly drop dead just after going threw all the hoops of getting the pay out. LOL.

BTW there is about no parking in the parking lot any more. There is now a Tim Horton's across the parking lot from the clinic. So good luck getting parked some days. On the upside, you can go get your coffee and doughnut just after your checkup at the doctors. That is a bonus as well.

Did I mention there is a Co-op gas station across the street? So you can be very Canadian at this aria of town. You go and get gas at the farmers Co-op then go get your free health care done and have a Tim's run right after. I mean the only thing missing is a hockey rink. WAIT there is one half a block away.


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