I'm Hot Then I'm Cold - Fibro

So Fibro is a bitch as I said in the last blog post. Here is one thing that a lot of people don't know - that is if they don't know someone with it. Most people know it causes a lot of pain and so on, but it also messes with temperature regulation in the body.

For me and about everyone with this accursed thing, I can get very hot or very cold for literally no reason. Thus visitors don't like the heat in here. LOL. I keep it at about 80 F. The body temp will actually fluctuate a little. This causes you to feel very hot or cold. And it don't take much of a core body temp change to do this.

One strange thing that I and some others seem to get has nothing to do with core temp. It is just a nerve thing. I will feel hot in some parts of my body and cold in others. Most of the time it's my head and chest and genitals that feel very hot and the rest of me feel quite cold. A fan or a blanket is of no use in this situation of course.

Being that I am male, you can't blame the hot and cold thing on hormones LOL. BTW only 1/7th of Fibro sufferers are Male. This number has gone up in the last few years as doctors are starting to realize that not only women get it. For that matter there are sill a lot of doctors who think that it does not exist. Mine included. If I could replace him I would just for that. But we have a large shortage of doctors and it would take me years to get another one.

Anyway - have a good one and keep smiling.


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