Why You See Me In Bed On Instagram So Often

About every two hours of every day I end up on the bed. This is my average day. It's not that I just want to lay there and do nothing, it's because I have to. If I sit up too long or stand up too long I end up in a great deal of pain to the point I can actually pass out. For some strange reason my brain will turn off the pain reaction before I hit the floor. This is a false sense of security and very misleading.

I have in the past thought the pain had passed and I could continue on my work or what ever. NOPE. THUMP on the floor I would go. One instance and the last of it's kind, I was in a video chat with several people and one had my address. Well I hit the floor and came too with an EMT and the building manager looking down at me. I had also destroyed a perfectly good set of headphones in the fall. Just lucky I did not pull the PC on the floor...

Some days are worse and some are better. If I do it early after getting up I can sit some place for 3 or 4 hours at a time with no problem on a good day. This allows me to go for coffee and be the hell out of here. But some days I have to cut it short. All but one of my friends get this, but he is in his own little world - sigh...

Right now at this moment I am fighting the great pain of a flair to post this. I don't want to just lay in bed and suffer. I want to actually do something with the time. Sure it hurts more to sit up but it's a trade off. It's bad for me to just give in some days and this is one of them.

There is really no relief for the pain that I am willing to suffer the side effects of. I mean when it's bad (worse than now) and I am literally crying and rocking in the bed praying for it to end it might be nice. But for the most part I don't want the feeling of being disconnected that I get with narcotics. The other side of it is, they don't do the job well for me. I am naturally very resistant to them. So this makes the dosage dangerous if I am to get relief.

You might find this strange but I get relief from holding my Pusheen kitten stuffed toy in bed when I am suffering. It makes it more tolerable some how and I am very lucky to have that happen.

Well it's time to go lay down now. But I will wish you a happy day (or night) and say so long. Peace - Dave :)


  1. I just read this, and it explains allot about myself, I too do the same as you Dave, I've told people I spend like almost 95℅ of my life in bed with really bad pain, your story is my story also, strange , but what I really find strange, for 10 years I've been bumped from Doctor to Doctor , from specialist to specialist, always saying, I think you have lupus, but never giving me a real diagnosis, till this last specialist I just seen, he told me you have Fibromialga, I know I didn't spell that correctly, but Yea, he said you do not have lupus, he said some doctor along the way thought as I do, cause the medications you are on is for someone with Fibro, but then he also said, you have something else also, for one your on oxygen, and two, all the joint pain you have, he took tests, and told me I'll give you a call in 2 weeks, and then I'll call you , and tell you what the something else is. So you see my friend, were in this together, I feel your pain , and live the same life style as you, I guess this makes us brothers and family, always know, I have your back, and if you ever need to talk, I'm here.

    1. My new doctor does not believe fibro exists. So he is of no use. He tells me it's my size thattt causes it. Well I was 300lbs less when it started. So he is a moron. I'm hopiong the something else can at least be treated. Hugs man.

  2. I am half your size well a little over that and I know what you are talking about lol even I have to lie down several times a day mostly due to foot pain or knee pain, it really has gotten worse the past year or so.

    1. That sucks. I know how much you like to go and walk. Honestly vitamin e has helped my joint pain a lot. Gives me wild dreams though.


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