And Of Showers And Fibro

This is my shower in the apartment. The tub walls are low so it's easy to step into. The tub is also sized for larger people and is literally twice as wide as any tub I have had. The shower comes off the mount and makes it easy for me to get all cleaned off. This way I don't have to turn around in the shower like I did every other place. There is also a grab bar that you can just see at the bottom. It's handy for them moments when my knees don't want to cooperate and I am still in need of rinsing off.

The thing is, when you have Fibro, it's hard to shower some days. Hell for some people it's almost impossible any day. For me I like to get in there every day, but now and then I will have a long and bad flair and the only thing that gets me in there is I don't want to stink. Normally that is after 3 days. I went 5 once and well, people knew it. Being a person of size you can't really go more than 3 days without a problem with smelling.

I use a moisturizing body wash and you would not know it. I tell you it looks like my skin was in the outback for weeks with no moisture. So I use gold bond on my arms and hands. It helps. I don't really like to put it any other place. But with tattoos you want to keep them moisturized or they look like hell. I will literally cry the day I need a shower chair I think. It will be a sign that I am losing my ability to be on my own and I fear that way more than I fear death. In fact I really don't fear death, but that's another blog.


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