Monday, June 25, 2018


After spending time in the "help forums", I found the fix. But it was not to any help of the tech people from Blogger, it was a user named Cavebear. The "update" posted in the forum does not actually do anything to fix the situation.

OK. Go to settings on the left panel on Click "Settings". Click "Posts, comments and sharing". There is a box with your email address in it. Delete the email address and click "Save Settings". Now type your email into the box again and click "Save Settings".

You will now get an email at the address you entered and it will ask if you wish to subscribe to receiving notifications for comments being posted. Click "Subscribe". After this you will receive comment notifications once again. They look a little different than they used to look, but they are there at least.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


 So all week from 8am to 4pm (with and hour to fill the system so we can use it) we have NO WATER in the building because of upgrades to the system. Being that I live here and have no other place to ever be all week, I have had to set water aside for drinking and flushing the toilet. This is the drinking water, there is like 3 days of it in there, but I'll top it off ever day in case I hurt my back or something and can't go fill it up for a couple of days. As well the tub won't hold water, as the plug in it don't seem to work. It's one of them built in plugs with the handle to make it go up and down. So I have to have a 25 gallon storage container with about 18 gallons of water in it and a bucket sitting there to do the job. As I have issues with my innards, I end up hitting the bathroom kind of a lot - 3 or 4 times a day I poop. So I do kind of need the water to flush with.
 From not to Saturday or Sunday I'll be on this for eats, veggie chili. It's a bit bland as I have no peppers and only $5 left for the rest of the week, so I have to eat it this way. It's just chili powder in it and some hot sauce basically. I have 2 more days of it in the fridge and will have to made another batch up before this week is up. I need to get more of the small containers because the big ones take up too much room in there and I can only make 4 days worth and the entire fridge is filled.
This is tea I was sent from the UK and I freaking loved it. The thing is that it does not seem to be sold in stores in town and ordering it online is more than I'm willing to pay for tea. I mean it's $1 a bag on Amazon. Wally-World has it but it's in 6 packs and they want $145 for 6 boxes of it. NOPE. So back to my coffee I guess. NO TEA FOR YOU.


So I already got pissy about the Samsung update on my S7 to Android 8 and the things it did. Well this is a solve for something people are looking for. The notification tone for plugging in the charger is missing.

Well here is the thing, before it was NOT part of the system sounds volume setting for some reason and if you hated the annoying sounds forever coming on when you did anything at all, you set that to 0. Well the notification for charging still sounded after that before hand.

Now it falls under the system sounds and you have only the choice of hearing every single system sound or not having the tone play when you plug in your charger. I have not one clue why it was not under system sounds before and who now it is, but there it is.

What I and a great deal of other people would like is (1) to be able to set the system sounds to custom sounds and not just the ones that Samsung picked for us and (2) be able to turn on and off individual system sounds from a list of all of them.

Come on, having Captain Power say "power on" when you plug it in would be EPIC. Oh wait only nerds in my generation even know what the hell I'm talking about - but you get the point. P.S. I had the gun to play the game at the end of the TV show. I can't believe the same guy who wrote for B5 did a lot of the scripts for this show BTW.

Oh is you have a Samsung with Android 8 and this is not why it's acting up for you, let me know - I would like to see how many have the system volume up and it's still not playing.


 Self explanatory.
 Because I have an addiction to Pusheen issue.


 So coffee went well and it seems it was a free coffee that day. The lady that served us told me my friend had paid for my coffee. Was not expecting this at all, but it was nice of her. It left me with just enough in the bank to get a new bit of music I wanted to get on Google Play Music.
 BTW I've given up on the flavored creamers as they seem to bother the hell out of me tummy. I get cramps a few hours after I consume them for some reason. Then again I been told they bother a lot of people. They are fake cream that is made to sit out all day and not be in the fridge. They taste great, but no can have.



OK now blogger blew up. I have to have comment moderation set to "always" now to be able to get an email that I have a comment. Before a month ago, it sent a notification AND posted the comment right away.

WELL this was some how thought to be a silly thing to allow you to know you have comments, thus they changed it.

Honest to GOD people have flipped out in the forum and there is no fix to this yet. I mean it's like they don't actually want people to know their comment posted.

So I put a message in the comment form saying that I have to have moderation set to always to know you commented. Sigh. Why does Google mess with everything that is working and make it complicated as hell to use?

Over on YouTube the YouTube studio app for my phone has this shinny new interface for posting a thumbnail on the video. For one thing this option SHOULD be on the YouTube app when you upload the video and is NOT. The other thing is, you have to go threw hell to find your thumbnail and post it.

This is just silly as hell. That and well, they show not be allowing me to monetize as I don't live up to the view time limitations by half, yet I still have the option to set ads on if I cared to do that (and I don't). I mean they sent an email many moons ago saying I lost this ability and it's still there. It's also still there on the Tag Channel for some reason.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

20 Movies People My Age Wont Admit To Enjoying

1. “The Andromeda Strain” (1971)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 7.2/10

Scientists investigate an alien virus that may end life as we know it. The virus seems to have been carried to earth by a probe sent out by the government to find such things. I find this a great deal better than the remake. I enjoyed the tension and the plot a lot. I have also read the book and found it to be better than the movie, as I often do.

2. “The Black Hole” (1979)
Me: 6/10 | IMDB: 5.6/10

A research ship encounters a missing ship commanded by a strange scientist. They end up entering the black hole they found the ship near. The effects for the time this was shot where great and the acting was good enough to pass. Story line was not bad as well.

3. “A Boy And His Dog” (1975)
Me: 4/10 | IMDB: 6.6/10

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland a young man and his psychic dog who communicates to him with thought explore the aria and it's people. What can I say, just did not like it but it's watchable.

4. “Dark Star” (1974)
Me: 5/10 | IMDB: 6.4/10

This is a comedy about a crew on a star-ship that are 20 years into their mission and how things go wrong. There is a cult following of this movie, but for me it was so/so.

5. “Demon Seed” (1977)  
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 6.3/10

This is the story of a scientist creating an super computer named Proteus that becomes aware and with the aid of it's Russian counterpart, takes over the world. I enjoyed this one a great deal but the sequel was terrible. This is an actual classic in my mind.

6. “Logan’s Run” (1976)
Me: 9/10 | IMDB: 6.7/10

In a future domed city with no contact with the outside world or other cities, the people who survived a catastrophe meany generations on now volunteer to end their life span on their 30th birthday in a public spectacle. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I also enjoyed the comic books but NOT the TV show.

7. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (1976)
Me: 7/10 | IMDB: 6.7/10

David Bowie plays an alien who is pretending to be human to attempt to save his soon to be extinct race. There is a love interest and the meddling of people who would use him for profit that get in the way. It's not a bad film at all if you ask me.

8. “No Blade Of Grass” (1970)
Me: 3/10 | IMDB: 6.1/10

Well the story here is a virus has killed off most people in London and the family take off to Scotland to try and ride out the end times. They end up in trouble with violent minded folk. This was way to American for my liking and it just did not work for me, but it has a cult following.

9. “The Omega Man” (1971)
Me: 9/10 | IMDB: 6.6/10

It's the end of the world and nocturnal vampire like creatures bound and determined to kill off the last of humanity are battled by a man who thinks he is the last man on earth. Some time into the movie, he encounters other people and forms relationships with them and joins forced to hopefully end the menace of the creatures. This is NOT an original concept and has been done several times after this movie, but I like this version the best.

10. “Phase IV” (1974)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 6.6/10

This is a different one. Ants in the desert become the dominant life form and battle for supremacy. The only thing holding them back is 2 scientists and a girl that they rescue. After much battling with the ants they realize there is no way science can defend against them and the only answer is when the ants accept them as part of the world and allow them to life. A classic battle of man of science against the will of mother earth.

11. “Quintet” (1979)
Me: 4/10 | IMDB: 5.1/10

IT's an ice age and well humanity is dropping dead and to pass the time they play a game called Quintet. Some don't find it stimulating enough so they decide to play the game with humans. This is of course to the death and the winner is the sole member who lives.

12. “Rollerball” (1975)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 6.6/10

The concept here is a single man who has lived way longer in a ultra violent game than he should have and the powers that be try to kill him off by making the game more dangerous and violent. A classic man against the will of the powerful movie. Also massively better than the remake in my mind.

13. “Silent Running” (1972)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 6.7/10

Flora is extinct on earth and this ship has the last of it's kind (plants) in space. There is a global conflict and the space craft is drawn into the conflict by political minds. The cre all but one are tasked with the destruction of the domes that house the plants. The one kills off the others to save the one dome he loves so much. He then tasks the robots to care for the dome and sends it off into space to protect it.

14. “Solaris” (1972)
Me: 3/10 | IMDB: 8.1/10

I vastly disagree with the worth of this film, but the powers that be send a shrink to a distant planet to find out why the crew there in a space station have all gone nuts. Honestly I think Start Trek did this better and did not take almost 3 hours to do it.

15. “Soylent Green” (1973)
Me: 9/10 | IMDB: 7.1/10

This is set in New York City in the end times. The world is almost at it's end because of global warming (then called the green house effect). A cop investigates the murder of a big man in industry and ends up finding out a horrible reality of what the new and most popular food is made out of. There is a great deal of cultural reference to this movie. It's basically a warning of what is to come if we don't clean up our act.

16. “Stalker” (1979)
Me: 6/10 | IMDB: 8.1/10

Basically 2 men are guided in a wasteland to try and find a room that will give them their wishes. It's a simple plot and the acting and dialog are the best part of this movie.

17. “The Terminal Man” (1974)
Me: 2/10 | IMDB: 5.8/10

Well science tries to cure seizures in a mans brain by implanting micro processors. This causes him to be addicted to violence. It's the kind of anti-tech nonsense I hated about the early days of Sci-Fi.

18. “THX 1138” (1971)
Me: 10/10 | IMDB: 6.8/10

In my brain this is the best movie ever made, but I'm not normal. There is a strong cult following of the movie to this day. It started out as a collage film realized much later when the budget could be reached. In a controlled by drugs and strict rules society, a man and a woman push back against the rules by stopping taking the drugs that cause them to be controlled. This leads to sexual activity and that is a crime punishable by death. The trial and escape of THX 1130 is the focus of the movie. It is also a warning of what is to come with the growth of pharmaceutical control of the mind and strict morality laws.

19. “Westworld”  (1973)
Me: 8/10 | IMDB: 7/10

In a theme park that allows you to live out violent fantasy, the robots start to malfunction and rebel against the humans. This at the time was a warning against creating thinking computers and what might happen to us. The squeal took it a step farther and set up the premise for the TV show of today. What can I say, I loved this movie and the squeal. I also think the TV show (HBO) is the best TV show I have seen.

20. “Zardoz” (1974)
Me: 5/10 | IMDB: 5.8/10

Basically humanity has been class divided to say the least. There is a savage slave race to with Zardoz is a part and he is used to control the humans that serve the immortal masters. He finds his way to the immortals and "ends their boredom". This is one of the worst movies ever made in all respects. It is also so dang bad that you can't stop watching it. I would recommend you do so if you can. It's best with friends so you can make fun of how terrible it is.

Werewolf Tag

1. What is your favorite werewolf film and why?
An American Werewolf in London (1981)

2. Are werewolves better than vampires?
No Vampires are way more cool and fun and interesting.

3. Name the most brutal scene you've watched in a werewolf film.
Just pick anything from Autumn Moon (1992) - It's Japanese I think.

4. What's the best werewolf transformation you've seen?
Has to be one from "The Company of Wolves (1984)"

5.What is the silliest/worst werewolf film you've seen?
Silliest I'm not sure but worse is Silver Bullet (1985)

6.What was your first werewolf film?
I don't remember the name I was like maybe 9 and it was on TV. It was from the 1930's I think.

7. What is your favorite werewolf legend? (historical tales count too)
One from Quebec that goes back to the 1800's. The location seems to change by who is telling the story. The Canadian post office issued a stamp in honor of this legend one time BTW.

Mythological Creatures Tag

1. What is your favorite mythical creature to read about?

2. Pair up your favorite character from one book with your favorite creature sidekick from another book.
Lestat and Frodo go on a quest to find the golden chalice and visit many brothels in their search.

3. If you had to choose one mythical creature to read about for the rest of your life what would it be?

4. If you had to choose one mythical creature from a book to be a pet who would it be?
Tinkerbell - just because.

5. You and your magical pet can travel to one fictional world together.
So Tinkerbell and I went to Arrakis and rode a spice worm today.

6. Recommend a book with some mythical creatures.
Since I'm hung up on it, Interview With The Vampire.

7. Tag some friends! 
Nope. They can do it if the want to.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Wound day 101. Kind of wonder how this has not healed yet. See this is a very small part of a much larger wound to start with. The rest (all but about 1 inch of it) healed up in 10 days before the staples came out. But this little bit at the top is still not doing well.

I snagged it here so it looks worse. The Africa shaped bit at the bottom is where I snagged it. The top half though is what I'm talking about. It is still a little hole there after the shower (scabs hate showers and tend to come off).

But it seems to almost be done here. For some reason it goes in spurts where it heals a bit then stalls for a while. I don't know what the hell.

I know "see a doctor" Well in 2 more days I'll be in my doctors office for test results (unrelated). I'll mention it and see what he has to say. I'm sure he won't be bothered by it though.

Monday, June 18, 2018


OK the thumbnail is just because.

So anyway, It's freaking hot in here. The sun came over to shine in the window and came our from behind the clouds, so now It's actually hot in here.

Speaking of hot and cold, it was 80F in here last night and I had a blanket over me watching TV. See the Fibro seems to mess up your ability to realize you are hot or cold.

The other way sometimes happens in winter when someone picks me up to go out and I have my jacket open and it's -35F out there. The look at me like I'm crazy and I tell them I'm hot. Being that most of my friends are smart asses, I get interesting replies to that.

Anyway, I think I actually need to open the window and see if it will cool down some. I got this strange thing about running the AC you see, as a child we had one and Mom had this problem with telling us it was way too expensive to run it. Thus we always wondered why we even had one.

This is topped off with the fact that after we moved into a different house there was central air and it was on all summer long. So the bigger more expensive to run one was not too much money though? Oh well. No logic to a lot of things my folks once said to me so...

In any event off I go.


 This has been food 3 times a day for like 2 days. But now I'm close to the end of it. Oh wait - 2 more days of it cooking in the slow cooker. God this is dull, but I'm sticking to it kind of well this week, so if I don't lose weight, I'm eating a large pizza to drown my sorrows. Oh wail, I don't have enough for a "good pizza" just enough for a crappy one - never mind. I do have enough for 15 bags of chips though. Sooo. I'm kidding, I'll be good.
So the 3 feeds yesterday did not do it as I stayed up kind of late watching movies on the DVR. Well this is curried corn with roasted garlic and honey sauce as a base for the curry. Well I don't recommend you do this EVER. It sucked, but I did not think I was going to die - so I finished it. Maybe if I hit it with some hot sauce it would have sucked less? Oh well, will never know.

By the way if you are a repeat visitor to the blog, how to you like how many times I splice a sentence in them? Or fragment one. HEHEHE.


OOPS. So I just splooked the coffee on the floor again. I often wonder why the carpet in a place filled with people who tend to do this kind of thing is a very light brown (off white) color. I mean when it dries and it already has it still shows up.

See I have this thing where I twitch for no reason now and then. I'm kind of sure people have seen me do it with my head in a video now and then. But the right hand is the worst of it. It leads to spills all the time. I have taken to holding the cup out in front of me a ways so I don't end up with hot coffee on my foot, but I do manage to get my hand.

The worst of this twitch thing seems to be my eyes for annoyance. I'm kind of sure I've never had it happen on camera or when out with friends. It seems to happen only when I'm reading something. My eyes will dart back and forth several times and I will lose my place.

Now this is not a common every day thing for me in fact I can go months until it happens again. That being said the hand twitch is almost always when I'm holding something. Also seems to have never happened when I'm holding with both hands. But coffee hot and I don't want to use both hands as it would hurt the other hand.

Oh well. Now I'm wondering how many people think by the thumbnail that this has to be with bladder leaks or a pet? Oh well off to sort out some dishes in the kitchen.


There is a short film I been looking to see since I saw the article about it last year. It's called "Gas Can" and is about racism in Saskatchewan in the 1970's. I've looked long and hard on the net to be able to actually see this film and there is no place where I can watch it.

I find it interesting that a great deal of times when someone comes out with a great short film in my aria that almost no one will ever see it. Why is this? Because they only show it in select short film festivals and NOT online on their web page or on Vimeo or YouTube.

I would think that the idea of expressing your self as an artist would be appealing to get it out to as many people as you can. This does not seem to be the case most of the time. In fact you are lucky if you ever see any of the short films that are produced.

This is just one example of this of course. There are many others I would love to have seen over the years and was out of luck ever time. It's like an exclusive club where you only let a select few people ever see the content then it vanishes into the night forever.

Honestly I know a few people who produce content in the form of short films. They put them on YouTube for the world to see and promote them. But the majority see to want it on a closed circuit where people need to pay to see it, even then only in small numbers.

It's like people who have a closed group on Facebook and say it's trying to effect change and keeps the numbers to 20 or less. Sure you can exchange ideas with like minded people, but the message is hidden in your circle and never gets out to the public. I'm left wondering what the actual point of most short films are in the light of this practice.

Also got to wonder being that most short films I hear about are on the topic of people who are generally poor, why they chose to only show them at events you need to pay to see. It's like saying to the world, "I have something to say" then quietly saying it to 3 people in the shadows and telling them not to say anything. But oh well.


See first off I'm not dumb enough to click View messages because I 100% know that when a message can't be delivered it says so in your mail client (app) and NOT an email to you from from random Google Employee. See they literally can't have enough staff on to monitor all of your freaking emails - there are billions of them ever day (literally).

2nd thing is when I get crap like this I look at the details. See the email address it's from? Well tell me why Google is NOT using their own mail servers to send me a "service email"?

Even if they where smart enough to spoof the email address and obviously this moron was NOT, clicking security details will tell you the name of the serve it came from. Well if it's NOT google, then you can bet it's not real.

But there are a great deal of people that fall for this kind of crap every day then wonder why they get hacked. You should always think first and well, have 2 step verification on. That way if you do something silly and click the link, you are still a lot more safe.

My fave of all time is a person I know that typed in the URL given them on the phone by "the Microsoft Security Agent" saying they had a virus. Again there are not enough people working there to monitor your computer - think about it.

Oh well, the sad thing is - I figured eventually people would wise up to this shit, but they will never do that. There will always be people who literally don't think first.



1 What is your favorite scary movie? Hellraiser (the first one)
2 What is the first horror movie you ever remember watching? A very old version of Frankenstein.
3 What type of horror film to you like? Suspenseful ones.
4 What type of horror film to you dislike? The mass-market crap where the women scream all the time.
5 Who is your favorite horror villain? Pinhead.
6 who is your least favorite horror villain? Candy Man.
7 What is the worst horror film you've seen? Blood Diner (1987)
8 Name a movie that no one has ever seen, but you think they should. Phantasmagoria (2014).
9 At what age did you start watching horror films? Maybe 9.
10 Have you ever had any nightmares after watching a horror movie? No.
11 Do you like horror spoof movies? Not at all.
12 What is your favorite horror series? Hellraiser.
13 Name of a goriest horror film? The uncut version of "A Serbian Film (2010)" - This film had me in tears and sick to my stomach at one point.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


OK first off after updating to Android 8 on my Galaxy S7, I noticed that it now notifies me that I have done a screen capture. See you have to press the power button and the home key at the same time to get it to do this, so it's not like it's "OOPS I did a screen cap again". So why do I need to be told I just did something I realized I did. It's like if you got a cup of coffee and the maker said "You Have Coffee".

Now number 2. See that nice icon there? Well it's NOT the default texting (SMS/MMS) app. So why did I install this thing? See I WANT (like 99.8% of people) to know who is texting my by the notification sound. Well 8 shows up and Samsung things you no longer need to have a custom notification sound for each contact. What the HELL where they thinking on this one?

Now over to the keyboard settings. You may notice have very much space the massive keyboard is taking up. I NEED the high contrast keyboard as the medium gray on light gray keys are very hard for me to read. AND I used to be able to resize it so that it's not taking up a vast amount of room. Sigh - no more. You can only resize if you are using the normal keyboard.

Not shows is the fact that it put these guitar pick shaped boxes around all my icons. Who the crap wants this? There is also no option to have the standard icons on my launcher and turn that crap off. All I could do is change the shape of the very unwanted box. So I literally had to install an icon pack to get rid of the freaking boxes. See if I did not have Nova installed instead of the launcher it came will I'd be out of luck.

Settings... Well it reset almost all my settings for some freaking reason. It's like someone from Microsoft was programming for them. Why in the WORLD are my settings saved to the cloud if when I update are all the settings going to be changed to what Samsung things they should be? This took a lot of time I did not need to be spending to fix.

One very annoying this is, I have Onedrive installed and the camera roll turned on. I WANT THIS and I use it every day of my life. So I had it set to pop up a notification when a new source for image upload shows up on the phone. WELL I also had the sound turned the hell off as I don't want the thing endlessly making sounds at me 24 hours a day. Had to turn it back off and it's NOT obvious how to do that.

Literally everything I have set to notify as a popup or a badge now was making that freaking sound. So into the settings of 50 apps I go. Sigh. The hell was that for?

Then... There is this thing that was popping up (thank GOD it seems to have gone away) in the top left corner. You see in the screen cap I have the temperature displayed up there. Well something for over an hour was popping up next to it and then going away so fast I could not recognize what the hell it was - I still have no idea what the hell it was. This was extremely distracting.

Here is another one for the useless pile. I upload my Vlog to YouTube and switch to the Studio app to set the custom thumbnail for the video. It pops up a notification saying that YouTube is now running in the background. You don't say? I'm sure I had to be told an app I just switched to another app from is not the one I'm using and it's in the background. What is this needed for?

The ONLY thing I like is it don't seem to be slowing the phone down any. It is responding the same as it used to be. The fact that I now have LESS memory on it is another story I guess. Every update to everything EVER seems to make them bigger. This is why new phones have so much dang storage on them, you need it.

If I did not have a memory card in the phone I would run it out of memory in short order doing video. Oh well, rant over.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


DUDE... So there is a certain nonprofit fitness place in the city. Thing is they opened a new location (took it over from another outfit), and now the old location is closing it's doors.

Seems this is ticking off a lot of people who refuse for whatever reason to use the new location.

Well there is the little known thing in the laws about member driven nonprofit groups and membership votes.

See these people want to try and force it to stay open. The #1 justification is they are paying only $1 in rent for the building. The only thing is, they are 100% responsible for the fixing of this building. Being that the building is not in good shape and rather on the very old side, this makes little sense when you think about how much they pay to keep it up and how few people use the building now.

The new location is much more used. There are many factors to this like, it's all one one floor instead of 2 floors. There is newer equipment and there is a hell of a lot better parking than the old location.

So I am left wondering why the heck other than "new bad old good" are people even thinking of forcing it to stay open. Sure a small amount of jobs will be lost and what not, but lets face it - a good number of the services in the old building are already farmed out to other locations.

I think this literally comes down to the fact people in this community seem to freaking hate change. There are people who refuse to use the new liquor store even if it will save them some money, all because it's "new".

It's a good thing for this city that most people are actually not of this mindset or nothing would ever change and we would be relying on antiquated services in decapitated buildings.

In the end like a great number of the "lets make them do what we want" things in the history of Moose Jaw, this will more than likely fail.

I mean there have been a good number of things in the past where people tried to force their will upon change and it never happened. The spa was one of these things people tried to stop and it's going strong today. There are countless other things. Yes the people have scored a few things in the past few years, but most of the time things like this fall short.

Lets face it, most people don't want to stand up for this - they will simply move to the new location or just not renew their membership.

But I really have to wonder why the heck they want to save an antiquated location that has low membership, very bad parking and large upkeep expenses. Oh well, these for the most part are the same people that lost their minds when the city changed their logo. So, who knows.