This has been food 3 times a day for like 2 days. But now I'm close to the end of it. Oh wait - 2 more days of it cooking in the slow cooker. God this is dull, but I'm sticking to it kind of well this week, so if I don't lose weight, I'm eating a large pizza to drown my sorrows. Oh wail, I don't have enough for a "good pizza" just enough for a crappy one - never mind. I do have enough for 15 bags of chips though. Sooo. I'm kidding, I'll be good.
So the 3 feeds yesterday did not do it as I stayed up kind of late watching movies on the DVR. Well this is curried corn with roasted garlic and honey sauce as a base for the curry. Well I don't recommend you do this EVER. It sucked, but I did not think I was going to die - so I finished it. Maybe if I hit it with some hot sauce it would have sucked less? Oh well, will never know.

By the way if you are a repeat visitor to the blog, how to you like how many times I splice a sentence in them? Or fragment one. HEHEHE.


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