So this is a box of tissue. I keep it by the bed because I literally always wake up needing to clear my snout. I got a 9 pack of them 4 months ago and this is the 2nd box I have been into. Although it's almost empty now it's lasted a long time. Being that I paid $7 for the 9 pack I'm happy with it.

Yes I can get tissue for a lot less, but the thing is I blow my noise and it gets on my hands with the discount stuff. As well there tends to be a lot less of it in a box of discount tissue. So for the price when it's on sale, I get great value. More value that if I got the discount boxes.

It's like but paper. For medical reasons I hot the can kind of a LOT. way more than is normal. I tend to have a roll of paper last me 2 or 3 days, sometimes 4 days. A discount bag might have 36 rolls in it for the price of a 15 pack of the ones I use, but I will be using more than 1 roll a day as there is almost nothing on the roll and they are so dang thin.

The fact is I also tend to get things when they are on sale even if I don't need them - I'd rather be slightly short on fun money one month that have to pay more next month. I've literally only paid full price for paper products 2 times in my entire life (when shopping for myself).

Mom never got the bulk thing. She never thought that spending more money on getting 4 of something than getting 1 of them was a good deal in the end. I tried hard to explain that per item it was a lot less money and she would need it sooner or later, but it never sunk in.

The majority of my friends do get it though and we tend to look at the prices in the flyers and go for the bulk buys when we can. I save on average of $40 a month when I shop this way and really I am on a very limited budget so this is a big deal for what I'm spending.

Think about if you had a family of 4. You now even if you lived like I do have 4 times the price to spend on things. That $40 becomes $160 a month. This is a lot of money. LOL actually it's not the unit price is the same LOL. See some times the bulk deals are not worth it. You have to compare prices. They do toss in things in a sale that are boxed together and don't have any or very little saving.

A good example was coffee at Co-op. They had it on for $1 less than normal price on their big super sale. Well I ended up going to Safeway and using my airmiles to get coffee and butt paper. This ended up saving me 65% from getting it at Co-op. I also get my airmiles mostly for nothing as I have 100% drug coverage and the Safeway gives me airmiles for these drugs (works out to about $10 off a month on getting things). It all ads up though.

Price hopping is not always a good idea but in this case it was. I do however know people that will spend $1 of gas driving to the other end of town to get a saving of $0.25. They literally go all over the city to "save money".

The reality is if they got a stock pile of things like my friends and I do, this would not be needed and they would save a lot more money.

There is a reason I like having a lot of storage - I got places to put all the crap I get on sale. Pit shit for example I tend to get a years supply of it. Body wash, shampoo, hand soap - all the same. I get piles of it on sale and only end up going once a year to get them.

There is a danger though. People have become addicted to saving a few bucks on things to the point they end up tossing out a lot of stuff in the end. They go too far.

In any event - have a pleasant day and keep saving.


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