Interesting the letter I got the other day from Moose Jaw Housing. They are part of a provincial group of subsidized housing. Seems they are going smoke free in the buildings and for people like me who are bothered by smoke this is good news. Although I'm kind of sure people will still continue to smoke in their rooms and have to get a warning notice before they knock it off (if they ever do).

The thing is, this includes vaping, tobacco of any kind, pot (yup mentioned by name) and "ceremonial smoke". That being things like incense and smudging. Well the last 2 might be an issue that goes to court.

I'm bothered by the lot of it coming through my vents and would be gladly rid of it. The thing is, there is a constitutional right in Canada to freedom of religious association (and freedom from it). This could end up in court. There are more than one religion that uses this kind of smoke as part of cleaning a dwelling or the person or a form of carrying prayers.

So I'm wondering if people because they have no where else to go and don't want the threat of being evicted will just go with the flow, or someone will take legal action. There is the possibility of an outside party taking issue on behalf of the group - it's happened before.

Will be interesting to see anyway. As for me, I'll breath more easy (literally). That brings up the defense of the action, people being bothered by the smoke and it being a health risk to them.

Wonder what a court would rule in this case. It's an interesting debate anyway.


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