This is just that I find it interesting how Google does things. See I have a counter (and tracker) on my blog. It tells me that I average about 72 views a week on the blog. On the other hand when I look at the numbers on blogger, it will say I have 80 views on just one post that week. I really do have to wonder how they are doing the math and what the hell they are calling a view. I do know that the tracker does NOT count bots. So is literally 80% of my views bots? The counter only shows me people views after all. But that being said, think if you are one to have the ads on here. Google is pissy at handing out money these days and if they are counting a great deal more hits than you actually have, this would be good for you money wise. But I freaking hate ads so I won't bother to make $5 a year off them. Any who, I'm off to listen to Willy Nelson and drink the rest of this coffee. BTW over on YouTube, I've seen more people comment on a video that it shows views a couple of times. LOL.


  1. I take what they say about views with a grain of salt. My blog shows which countries viewers were from but not their names or city location, yet I know people visit my blog who never show up in the data about which countries are sources of views.

    1. Stat counter I use shows the ip and city. No way to know the name. It also remembers if they been on in the last year or not.


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