OK the thumbnail is just because.

So anyway, It's freaking hot in here. The sun came over to shine in the window and came our from behind the clouds, so now It's actually hot in here.

Speaking of hot and cold, it was 80F in here last night and I had a blanket over me watching TV. See the Fibro seems to mess up your ability to realize you are hot or cold.

The other way sometimes happens in winter when someone picks me up to go out and I have my jacket open and it's -35F out there. The look at me like I'm crazy and I tell them I'm hot. Being that most of my friends are smart asses, I get interesting replies to that.

Anyway, I think I actually need to open the window and see if it will cool down some. I got this strange thing about running the AC you see, as a child we had one and Mom had this problem with telling us it was way too expensive to run it. Thus we always wondered why we even had one.

This is topped off with the fact that after we moved into a different house there was central air and it was on all summer long. So the bigger more expensive to run one was not too much money though? Oh well. No logic to a lot of things my folks once said to me so...

In any event off I go.


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