There is a big push right now in Canada to buy Canadian after Trump once again rain his mouth off and trashed us as a trade partner. The idea that millions of jobs in the USA actually rely on foreign imports seems to be lost on the GOP but what do I know.

I was told by a fellow in the USA that he has not seen products that are made in the USA, this is a dryer in my building and it was made in the USA. In fact all of our laundry equipment was.

I am wondering being that literally millions of Canadians are now going out of their way to get Canadian grown food and Canadian made products, how this will effect the US market. The thing is it will be a small blip on the radar. We don't actually consume a lot of "finished products" from the USA. Instead most of the imports are resources.

Being also that the USA relies a lot on Canadian Uranium and it's kind of hard for them to get that locally, how much of a hit will they put on that product?

Seems China is getting right in on this as well. A great deal of countries seem to be lining up to make new and improved trade agreements with China and each other right now in light of the big protectionist moves by the USA.

I'm not actually sure that in the long run this will be a good thing for the USA or a bad thing - I just don't know enough about it. I do however know that Canada is the biggest trading partner with the USA for a lot of things they use often. Things like oil and wood and steel. Things that at the consumption rate the USA can't keep a 100% USA made monopoly on.

All I know is when I get things made in the USA, almost all of the components are made in other lands - NOT the USA. They just put it in a box and sell it to people with a USA stamp on it.

Lets get it in perspective. If they USA started to make all it's own clothing and electronics the vastly higher wages than in places like China and Korea would make the price go way up. Are people willing to pay 5X or more for the same item? Just go to Walmart and see if people give a dang about USA made products, or they want it for a small amount.

Seems people don't actually care in either of our countries that local made is 10X the quality and lasts longer, we want to pay $10 instead of $50 for a pair of pants.

Simply put, most people can't actually afford to by Canada made or USA made products as they are out of their price range.

So who is winning here? It's not Canada and it's not the USA, it's China. More people are lining up for cheap made stuff from China rather than deal with the USA and their added expense with dealing with already high prices. Oh well.


  1. Just hand over the Coffee Crisp Canadians and there will be no casualties

    1. Lol. You need a UK one. They are better than ours


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