Wound day 101. Kind of wonder how this has not healed yet. See this is a very small part of a much larger wound to start with. The rest (all but about 1 inch of it) healed up in 10 days before the staples came out. But this little bit at the top is still not doing well.

I snagged it here so it looks worse. The Africa shaped bit at the bottom is where I snagged it. The top half though is what I'm talking about. It is still a little hole there after the shower (scabs hate showers and tend to come off).

But it seems to almost be done here. For some reason it goes in spurts where it heals a bit then stalls for a while. I don't know what the hell.

I know "see a doctor" Well in 2 more days I'll be in my doctors office for test results (unrelated). I'll mention it and see what he has to say. I'm sure he won't be bothered by it though.


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