Day 1 - Curried Lentils and corn. 
 Day 2 - Chili black beans and chick peas with mixed veggies.
 Day 3 - Chili lentils with peas and carrots.
 Day 4 - Lentils, black beans and chick peas with peas, carrots and corn. All 4 days have tomato in them as well.
Here you see all of the nicely stacked up in the fridge (random order). Interesting that the one container looks literally full and is not - they all have exactly the same amount in them.

On the bottom was the rest of the food for the day I cooked all this up. Right now I have 2 containers from the top row left as I have an upset tummy from eating beef liver. I'm not supposed to eat beef as it makes me sick and I forgot and had some. So here I sit not being well. But it was tasty dang it!

Note this is not vegan as the herb mix I used has a small amount of cheese in it.


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