See first off I'm not dumb enough to click View messages because I 100% know that when a message can't be delivered it says so in your mail client (app) and NOT an email to you from from random Google Employee. See they literally can't have enough staff on to monitor all of your freaking emails - there are billions of them ever day (literally).

2nd thing is when I get crap like this I look at the details. See the email address it's from? Well tell me why Google is NOT using their own mail servers to send me a "service email"?

Even if they where smart enough to spoof the email address and obviously this moron was NOT, clicking security details will tell you the name of the serve it came from. Well if it's NOT google, then you can bet it's not real.

But there are a great deal of people that fall for this kind of crap every day then wonder why they get hacked. You should always think first and well, have 2 step verification on. That way if you do something silly and click the link, you are still a lot more safe.

My fave of all time is a person I know that typed in the URL given them on the phone by "the Microsoft Security Agent" saying they had a virus. Again there are not enough people working there to monitor your computer - think about it.

Oh well, the sad thing is - I figured eventually people would wise up to this shit, but they will never do that. There will always be people who literally don't think first.


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