OOPS. So I just splooked the coffee on the floor again. I often wonder why the carpet in a place filled with people who tend to do this kind of thing is a very light brown (off white) color. I mean when it dries and it already has it still shows up.

See I have this thing where I twitch for no reason now and then. I'm kind of sure people have seen me do it with my head in a video now and then. But the right hand is the worst of it. It leads to spills all the time. I have taken to holding the cup out in front of me a ways so I don't end up with hot coffee on my foot, but I do manage to get my hand.

The worst of this twitch thing seems to be my eyes for annoyance. I'm kind of sure I've never had it happen on camera or when out with friends. It seems to happen only when I'm reading something. My eyes will dart back and forth several times and I will lose my place.

Now this is not a common every day thing for me in fact I can go months until it happens again. That being said the hand twitch is almost always when I'm holding something. Also seems to have never happened when I'm holding with both hands. But coffee hot and I don't want to use both hands as it would hurt the other hand.

Oh well. Now I'm wondering how many people think by the thumbnail that this has to be with bladder leaks or a pet? Oh well off to sort out some dishes in the kitchen.


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