Castle of The Winds Saved Game Hex Edit

NOTE: COTW will NOT play on windows 8 and up. You will need to run windows 3.1 in Dos Box to get it to work on them or run a virtual machine with older version of windows. I have been using an old XP box to play.

Stats are at $128 (4 stats and 4 normal levels for 8 registries) $64 is the mas Set them to 55 for best effect.

HP is at $148 (2 registers low/high byte) I set to ff50
MA is at $152 (2 registers low/high byte) I set to ff50

AFTER you put money in the bank only can you safely edit the money. Copper is at $1673 (3 bytes used) I set it to ffff You won't need more money than that ever and if you do you can put more in later.


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