So they are a bit lax on doing things here unless there is water running out into the freaking hall under your door. This is a footprint by the garbage shoot.

Well they replaced something in there and put in a new access door in there many months ago. It took 2 months for them to get the access in and pain the wall. BUT they never cleaned up the drywall dust. NEVER. It's been like 6 months or more.

The other day they where fixing the place over top of mine as they had well - water running out into the hall under the door (told you). Well there was water running down my wall in the bathroom and out of my medicine cabinet. I DID call this in right away and it was pouring out.

Well 30 minutes later I'm wondering why not one person has shown up and there is still all kinds of water coming down the wall. An hour and a half in it had stopped running and I started the process of cleaning up the wall, the floor, the sink and the cabinet. Still no one had shown up.

The next day and the day after that I was left wondering what the crap does it take to get them to show up? No one ever did.

Now I'm left with a strong musty smell in the wall as there is no place for the moisture to go and it's just sitting in there, more than likely soaked into the drywall and the wood.

See mold is common in a really old building like this when something like this happens, so I'm not impressed and just hope no mold starts to bleed threw the wall. I also don't need black mold spores coming out into my face every time I open the medicine cabinet to shave or brush my teeth.

If I ever do see the fix-it guy around I'm going to complain about the musty smell in there and that no one showed up. I mean they where IN THE BUILDING that day, why not stop in to give it a look?

I know they are on a budget and all with this place as it's subsidized, but DANG this might not be safe. I love living here, it's the only quiet place I've ever lived after moving out of my folks place - but this not showing up thing and not getting things done is a bother. After all, how long does it take to vacuum up the dust in the garbage shoot room? Got to say every job I had before being too disabled to work I did the entire job, not just part of it. Sigh.


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