If you read the post about the flair, you know sugar BAD. Guess what I just eat? Yup. OK I'm weak. Susan gave me a pack of HI-CHEW and I mowed it in like 40 minutes or so while watching some TV.

I tell you it did not help my upset tummy either. See I eat beef liver and beef anything is bad for me. I literally forgot I'm not a normal person and can't eat beef - so OOPS.

But yeah, now my neck is tight from the candy, but it's just a mild ouch - so oh well.

I honestly think this stuff is in my top 10 candy list. The "red hots" are #1 and any trip to the Dollar Tree has to end with a box of it. The only thing is, if I know it's going to hurt me - why do I eat it? Because it's freaking yummy and gives me a great deal of pleasure.

It's like someone who is at a party for like the 40th time and has 15 drinks too many. They know they are doing to be sick the next day, but it's freaking fun. So...

See us humans are supposed to be the smartest things on earth. But we tend to do things that hurt us because we like them. Hell some of the things we do we KNOW might kill us in the end and we don't actually care until a doctor says "your going to freaking DIE". Even then some people keep doing it.

Yup. We like things that feel good and don't care what it does to us. It's all up to that. Pleasure now and to hell with what it does to us. Peace and eat a F***ing cookie!


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