Yeah there has been more rainy days than not in the last week and a half. I want to get over to the park but don't want to get wet.

I should have gone this morning before all the clouds moved in but I thought the day was doing to be a good one for weather. NOPE.

Not raining at this moment, but there is rain all around us by looking at the radar.

The paths in the park are not that nice to walk on when they are wet, so I don't want to go and be there when it rains. I don't want to end up slipping. The stairs are the worst as they are not flat and made out of bumpy rocks. So it would be easy to go splat on them when they are wet. There is also only one ramp and it is dirt (so mud when it rains).

Maybe on the weekend I can get over there. Tomorrow (Friday) I have to get blood work done so that will take up a bit of time and it's expected to be wet tomorrow as well. Oh well, we will see.


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