OK now blogger blew up. I have to have comment moderation set to "always" now to be able to get an email that I have a comment. Before a month ago, it sent a notification AND posted the comment right away.

WELL this was some how thought to be a silly thing to allow you to know you have comments, thus they changed it.

Honest to GOD people have flipped out in the forum and there is no fix to this yet. I mean it's like they don't actually want people to know their comment posted.

So I put a message in the comment form saying that I have to have moderation set to always to know you commented. Sigh. Why does Google mess with everything that is working and make it complicated as hell to use?

Over on YouTube the YouTube studio app for my phone has this shinny new interface for posting a thumbnail on the video. For one thing this option SHOULD be on the YouTube app when you upload the video and is NOT. The other thing is, you have to go threw hell to find your thumbnail and post it.

This is just silly as hell. That and well, they show not be allowing me to monetize as I don't live up to the view time limitations by half, yet I still have the option to set ads on if I cared to do that (and I don't). I mean they sent an email many moons ago saying I lost this ability and it's still there. It's also still there on the Tag Channel for some reason.


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