1 What is your favorite scary movie? Hellraiser (the first one)
2 What is the first horror movie you ever remember watching? A very old version of Frankenstein.
3 What type of horror film to you like? Suspenseful ones.
4 What type of horror film to you dislike? The mass-market crap where the women scream all the time.
5 Who is your favorite horror villain? Pinhead.
6 who is your least favorite horror villain? Candy Man.
7 What is the worst horror film you've seen? Blood Diner (1987)
8 Name a movie that no one has ever seen, but you think they should. Phantasmagoria (2014).
9 At what age did you start watching horror films? Maybe 9.
10 Have you ever had any nightmares after watching a horror movie? No.
11 Do you like horror spoof movies? Not at all.
12 What is your favorite horror series? Hellraiser.
13 Name of a goriest horror film? A Serbian Film (2010) - This film had me in tears and sick to my stomach at one point.


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