I am reminded of a job I tried to get years ago. I was qualified as all get out. The only other person who applied had to be trained and I think she got it just because the boss wanted as many women working there as possible. Well 6 months later while I was at a job already in another place, the woman they hired went on maternity leave and they phoned and asked if I could fill in. I literally laughed in her ear and said no thinks I'm already working.

Not that I'm against women being in the work place or giving them leave to have a kid - because I'm all for that. My point is I was ready to just start the job on the spot and she had no training at all. She was hired instead of my simply because a woman wanted to hired only women.

See if a man wanted to hire only men, the world would come to an end and society would scream from the roof tops how terrible that is.

That being said, I did not get several jobs in this back water town simply because I was overweight at the time I applied. Jobs I had qualifications for and in many cases had done before. In one case I was told the position was filled and the NEXT day a friend applied for and got the job they told me was filled. I never did know what the hell that was about.

Many jobs I had where short term and others simply ran out when the company folded. I never had anything last more than a short time really. I often wonder what would have happened if I was willing to get the hell out of Moose Jaw and look for work in a bigger center.

But in the end I will never know what would have been. As well I was able to take care of Mom when she needed me because I never moved out of the city.

The fact that I have been disabled for almost 2 decades now also makes me wonder how bad off I'd have been in a different province. I saw how bad off my brother was in Alberta being disabled after all. But then again he was also a drunk, addicted to pain meds and gambled - so who knows.

In any event, the place that did not take me on because I was male ended up closing after years of being irrelevant. So in the end did I mess anything? I have a lot of stories about them as well. But who knows, maybe another time.


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