This is the last dog we ever had. His name was Chico. He was a hell of a smart dog but also did a lot of foolish things as he had no fear and no sense of his limitations.

When I took him for walks, he would want to keep going until he simply could not go any farther, then we would demand to be picked up and carried home. If you where to try and turn around at the half way point, he would make a fuss and want to keep going. Again, you would have to pick him up and carry him home at this point - so it was a no win.

He would run after and back at the big dogs. He had no fear or possibly understanding of what could happen. He wanted to be top of the pile. That being said he loved every last person he encountered but one, Brian. See I have no idea to this day why Chico wanted Brian dead, but he did. Perhaps it was the ever present smell of diesel fuel on him.

He was smart enough to do simple puzzles we made for him to get a treat though, so he was not stupid like a lot of the other dogs we had. In fact some of them where dumb as a post.

Chico would not beg, he would demand. If looking up longingly was not enough, he would suck in his tummy (never seen another dog do this ever) to look skinny. If that did not work, he jumped against your leg and pushed you to let you know he really wanted that food off the table. It's all our fault for feeding him off the table I think - dogs you don't feed off the table don't tend to beg.

Then there was Snowball. Snowball was an asshole of a cat. She would sit there looking cute until you tried to per here then she would mull you with her claws and teeth. Well this dick of a cat would sit on the outside of the fence right up to the boards and drive Chico out of his mind. She just sat there watching him have a stroke.

I'm not sure, but I think my brother shot that cat with his pellet gun and killed it. But I can't be certain and I never did ask him.

Chico also liked the car a LOT. It did not have to be our car, the little bugger would get in your car if you opened the door and he was near enough to jump in. In the summer he would also demand the AC be on in the car. He would look at the vent then at you until your turned it on.

In the winter he would run out when you let him out and if you did not go get him, he would stay outside until his feet hurt then he would end up on his back crying. Remember this is the same dog who could solve a simple puzzle, so it was just stubborn that did it.

In the end we had to put him down. He had cancer and stopped eating - so we did the kind thing and ended it. I cried and it was hard to drive Mom home from the vet after that.

I remember him now and then fondly and all the fun we had. I also have regret for the time I was not living at home and he was not part of my life from day to day. There was a time before I moved back in with Mom to help with expenses that I was in my own place.

I don't honestly remember how long it was after Chico died when we had to move out and ended up in our own apartments and not together any more. But I was there for Mom ever day anyway - with a few exceptions. In any event - I am thinking of that little strong willed fur ball right now and decided to share.


  1. I am gonna lose my shit when Ricci passed

    1. Pets are family. It hurts just as much when the die


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