So thinking about the upcoming 24 hour vlog-a-thon. I have decided I'm not ordering food in. Instead I'll make a large amount of chili the day before then package it up in the fridge and get some snack food for the rest of the time (chips). Also I'll be getting a few energy drinks in (I know they are bad for you) to keep me up. This will save me a pile of like $40 or $50 and then I'll have money left over for my friends party. I owe another friend $20 and with a hit from my bank thanks to Google (sigh) I have less money to spend. I was planning on getting $100 ahead on my bills to have a credit for the month of October. So now I'll only have like a $50 credit (bit it will help a LOT). Should have around $160 or $180 left after everything next month - so I won't be hard up, just annoyed. In any event - Vlog-a-thon. I'll have to make 24 thumbnails one of these days as well and toss them to my cloud. The challenge will take place on Sep 2, 2018 BTW.


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