You LIE. LOL actually here in town all the palaces that deliver tend to open at 10 am or 11 am for some reason. This is what happens when you just use the same line on the app for every location. I know it says "as early as" but it literally can't happen here - so...

As well the Aurora Sushi place on their web page has a code to use on Skip The Dishes, and it don't work on here at all - it said it was not valid... So we never got sushi from them. That and we thought twice about having Sushi delivered LOL - that being said I'm sure it's safe as it's only a block away. Then again why don't I just walk over and save $2.95 for delivery.

Maybe next month when I have extra money (if there is leftover after getting something expensive I want), I will go over there and get some. I know just who to go over with and just what I want (looked at the menu already). There is a 16 piece plate for $15.99 and it looks good - will ad on an extra roll maybe - will see.


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