The best part of this obvious scam is that the person is trying to scam people in the USA out of money with a "US government program". Here is the funny part, I'm Canadian and so was the person they cloned the account of.

Literally all of us on her friends list got a message from this person or at least a friend request from them. As you see when I made fun of their inability to run a scam, I got blocked LOL. The block was instant HA.

It's obvious that they don't speak English well as well. No one fell for it of course. I mean why would she make a new account and refriend us all just to tell us about some program from the government? This makes literally no sense at all.

The other thing is, we all know that the nice old lady does NOT use messenger at all. The other giveaway is that this was sent from a computer, not a mobile device with messenger installed. The lady in question only uses her phone to do Facebook. All in all it was a big fail as a scam.

There has been a great deal of this going around as of late. Several older people I am friends with on FB have been cloned in the last 3 months and then those accounts try to ad us as friends or to message us.

It was out of curiosity that I actually accepted the message request from this person to see what all this effort is about.

BTW tell me what segment of the population is referred to as "Windows"? HAHAHA. The "New program" they talk about was actually in effect in 1972 in the USA, so it's not at all new.

The sad thing is, if they keep this up, they will eventually get someone to hand over money or a credit card number. Some people will fall for anything. In fact I know a couple that have fallen for several online scams in the past. Not to mention all the viruses they get on their laptop from clicking bad adverts on click trap web pages.

Anyway, keep an eye out for someone you know all the sudden adding you on FB for no reason.


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