Just Buried 2007
6/10 its it's slow but I enjoyed it.

Dead Shack 2017
2/10 this is a typical 1980s crap fest only its it's not made in the 80s.

Land of Smiles 2016
3/10 slow witless and predictable.

Blood Sweat and Terrors 2018
6/10 no plot just violence, but great fight scenes.

Suck 2010
4/10 meh. Not that good.

We are Still Here 2015
3/10 if it was made in the 1970s it would have been popular but now its it's just meh.

Chasing Niagara 2015
8/10 Typical red bull adventure film.

Deathgasm 2015

8/10 LOL this ain't bad.

* There is a free preview of a network I normally don't get so I'm watching the hell out of movies on it. *


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