I remember when I had money taking Mom to a place in Regina and getting a fancy dinner and we shared a bottle of wine that set me back $120. I never let her know how much that meal was LOL - she would have shit if she knew I spent more than $250 on a meal. But I was making like $22 an hour then. I wasted every penny of it and had nothing to show 6 months after the job ended. God I could have had a down payment on a freaking house if I did not piss it away.

This job was in the 1980's but only lasted a year because the company like so many others in town in that time frame went under.

But it was the first time and about the last time I was able to treat Mom to a fancy dinner. Dad was working at the time so he could not come with us - so it was just Mom and I. BTW I was a painter at that time - it paid well. No idea how much a painter gets now, I wonder if the extreme wage we got helped in the demise of the company.


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