Aug 17, 2018
Week 21
Term 3
-5.6 LBS
343.2 LBS or 156.0 KG.

Did well 2 weeks in a Row. I did cheat the same day I with a Medium 2 Topping Pizza and a bottle of coke. The rest of the time till the end of the month I will be eating the beans and veggies as planned (No cheats).

September 2nd will be a big cheating day. I plan to attempt the 24 hours of vlogging challenge where you vlog every hour for 24 hours. I will be eating extra food that day as being awake I'll be hungry most of the time and will want to give in more than the regular 3 meals. I plan to get 1 Large Sub, 1 Small Sub and a Large Pizza. This is a great deal of processed food so it may cause a gain that week.

I'm sticking to plan next week and not cheating to make up for the next week when I will. If it goes to plan it should even out.


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