So I closed my old account and then the next day though "well I might use it". I stupidly opened a new account with the same address and PayPal and the bots did not like it and they suspended the account. Sigh - I should have seen that coming - my fault.

So I decide to log into the old account as it takes 30 days to close the dang thing for some reason and found out I could phone them and get it reinstated. So the app tells me "1 minute wait time" and I'm like WOOT.

Well after 40 minutes of listening to the world worst music that is played at a volume you can't keep the phone to your ear, I got a person. She got me threw the hoops to get it reactivated.

It was AFTER getting the old one reactivated that I finally got a reply to my email (3 days later) and it said I needed to phone them to get it sorted out. This is for the new one.

I thought to myself "nope" and just ignored it. I am sure there will be more emails later. The thing is, I can't close the freaking thing as I have to phone them to get it "fixed" first. Sigh. I'm not spending another hour of my life on the phone with them.

What I really don't get is I never got an email saying "someone is using your information for a new account". You would think this would fix shit in a simple link to click saying "calm down, it was me". But NOPE. So someone can use your information and you will never know it. This is just grand.

BTW I tried to get them on Twitter and they never replied to me at all - NEVER. So days of having them in my feed 3 or 4 times a day saying "chat with our help staff" always makes me laugh. Not likely your going to even reply to me so, what is with this "chat" stuff?

Oh one last thing - my phone app used to be black when in use like you see in the screenshot. Now it's this hideous color. At least they made the lock screen come on for longer in the last update - the 3 seconds it was on before was not enough. But that's another rant.

I may actually order a PC from the states as you can get them built to order on several of the eBay sellers. I am in need of one and will have the money in October. Some time in the first week I'll have about $300 set aside for it. There are NO $100 deals on reconditioned PC's up here in Canada - they don't exist - so... I will be looking around of course. Walmart is an option as well.

In any event, now if my friend wants more supper hot peppers I can get on eBay and get them - that is literally the only thing I ever ordered from them LOL. I was shocked BTW - the peppers came from the land down under and got here sooner than something ordered from the USA the same day. LOL. But I think they post from the USA is held up by the government because TRUMP. Sigh.


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