Special Coffee Perhaps?

Thinking of getting some Kicking Horse coffee for the 24 hour challenge. I don't normally spend lots of money on coffee, but I feel like treating myself for it. Also I have decided to make sausage chili for the day - will be a bit more money, but worth it. Already got the topics printed off and sitting here waiting for the day in question.

I'm kind of sure I'll not get a lot of views on the videos as I'll literally be flooding the feeds with them that day, but oh well. I literally don't know anyone from the YouTube days that have done the 24 hour challenge - I'm sure someone out there has, just no one I watch.

I did one time to 24 hours of DJing music on Blip years ago. That almost killed me and I was younger LOL. This is going to be a hell of a task and you can tell from all the blog posts that I'm stoked for it.


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