This is the exact same product I got 7 or 8 years ago on sale for $3.99. Now I have no idea why the price was so low even then - but I got it and have been slowly using it for years. I print my med cards on it - so it's literally a sheet every 2 years LOL.

I have in the past printed out some art on them but stopped as the color fades in the sun too easy and it does not look as good as having it photo printed at Wally World.

But since it will take me 25 years to use it all up, I took out about 20 sheets and am giving around 150 or 200 to a friend. I already gave a small stack of it to another person I know. But my friend will actually use it for calligraphy and if I keep it someone will end up tossing it out after they find my cold dead body in here. So - she gets it...

I've never seen it even close to that price again. It was on for about $10 one day, but not $4 LOL. It's dead flat and 67 lb paper as well there is no acid in it so it will last as long as a person will to say the least. So it's good for the task.

I still have about 400 sheets of printer paper and another 500 unopened in the storage room - but I actually do use this paper, so I'm keeping it. I got it on a 2 for 1 sale years ago and used 1 ream and then was given a ream of it. So it will last years.

Now if only I could get this kind of deal on XL ink cartridges LOL.


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