Calm down - it's a stress toy. Yeah it's a bit much for a Chinese toy, but I freaking had to have it. So I ordered it. I'm now broke for the rest of the month other than a few bucks for coffee set aside on my desk. There are a lot of other ones from the company, but this! I needed this one. I mean it's a little penis guy with eyes and everything. LOL. It's too funny. It will however take a month to get here - like everything from China. The reviews seem to be good and they say the paint don't fall off, so I got one. Really have no idea how big it is though. I literally never looked LOL. I'm expecting it to be smaller than normal from the photo. But yeah... Impulse buy. I got sent money to help buy a reconditioned PC a while ago, but that money was put on bills, so I will have a credit come October so I have more ready money for the new PC. So I've spent the last little bit in the bank I had for this LOL. I also remembered to renew my domain name with Google. I like Google better for it as it seems to be a lot less for the same thing than other registers. Anyway, look how cute it is LOL.


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